nrpe systemd socket activation

If you’re using nrpe socket activation and don’t have a template file, try this in /etc/systemd/system/nrpe@.service :


emacs tip of the week #7: local chord shortcuts

I like chord-mode to avoid emacs pinkie.

If you want to bind say a quick double I to indent in python mode (and double U to unindent), do this:


Getting a lot of spam from .tk domains – kill it with spamassassin

Seems they are cheap to set up, spammers set up domainkeys / SPF too!

Here’s a spamassassin rule (don’t use it if you get valid mail from .tk):

UPDATE: Looks like the spammers get a free .tk domain, rent a temporary DigitalOcean box, set up spam relay on it and blast out mail until it gets shut down.