How to migrate virtualenvs when system python version changes

eg from 3.5 to 3.6

Not foolproof, but a quick hack

# In your old virtual site-packages directory
# with your new virtualenv activated

Installing variety wallpaper changer on Fedora 25

The rpm-sphere rpm doesn’t work for me.

First install some packages, you may need more, these worked for me:

Then create a python virtualenv & activate it.

Download the variety & python-distutils-extra tarballs & untar.

Install both packages into your virtualenv (python-distutils-extra first).

Go to virtualenv bin directory & rename (this upsets python module import)

and run


nrpe systemd socket activation

If you’re using nrpe socket activation and don’t have a template file, try this in /etc/systemd/system/nrpe@.service :