Hitting a link in an HTML email in mutt


macro attach V |'lynx -stdin'\n

to .muttrc

then when you are in the attachment menu, select the HTML content and hit V. This will launch a lynx process to view the content, follow links, etc. This is on top of having text/html ; lynx -dump -force_html %s ; copiousoutput or similar set in your ~/.mailcap to view inline.

rndsleep – add a random delay to cron jobs

A command-line utility written in Go to sleep for a random period, then run another command line executable.

Typical usage would be to run puppet agent in onetime mode in cron to save resources – the random sleep will help to avoid thundering herd issues at the puppetmaster.

rndsleep --randmax=30 --command="puppet agent --no-daemonize --onetime"

would run puppet agent with a random timeout of 0-30s.

Can be compiled on all platforms that Go is available for. Download it from github.

Comment-line in emacs

To comment/uncomment a line in emacs, add this to your ~/.emacs

(courtesy of Gerstmann on StackOverflow)