cdx – switch to your other shell’s working directories

a quick shell script / bash function to switch to other working directories


Persistent ssh-agent in crosh developer shell

Put this at the bottom of your ~/.bashrc


Red is both an imperative and functional programming language introduced in 2011 by Nenad Rakocevic. Its syntax and general usage directly overlaps with that of the interpreted Rebol language (which was introduced in 1997). Yet the implementation choices of Red were geared specifically to overcoming limitations of Rebol, creating what Rakocevic calls a “full stack programming language”. Red can be used for extremely high-level programming (DSLs and GUIs) as well as low-level programming (operating systems and device drivers).

Source: Red (programming language) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Disabling upnp for specific hosts in dd-wrt / openwrt routers

The DCS-932LB1 webcam from D-Link is a very naughty webcam that pretends it has turned off upnp when it hasn’t. This is a security hole, opening up your webcam to the world and D-Link don’t seem to care.

The best thing to do is disable upnp completely in your router, however you might need it. Fortunately if you’re running DD-WRT or OpenWRT you can add custom firewall rules, to block upnp from a specific MAC address you’ll want 2 like this:

In DD-WRT this is added in Administration->Commands->Firewall.