emacs tip of the week #7: local chord shortcuts

I like chord-mode to avoid emacs pinkie.

If you want to bind say a quick double I to indent in python mode (and double U to unindent), do this:


Getting a lot of spam from .tk domains – kill it with spamassassin

Seems they are cheap to set up, spammers set up domainkeys / SPF too!

Here’s a spamassassin rule (don’t use it if you get valid mail from .tk):

UPDATE: Looks like the spammers get a free .tk domain, rent a temporary DigitalOcean box, set up spam relay on it and blast out mail until it gets shut down.


Systemd programming, 30 months later [LWN.net]

Some time ago, we published a pair of articles about systemd programming that extolled the value of providing high-quality unit files in upstream packages. The hope was that all distributions would use them and that problems could be fixed centrally rather than each distribution fixing its own problems independently. Now, 30 months later, it seems like a good time to see how well that worked out for nfs-utils, the focus of much of that discussion. Did distributors benefit from upstream unit files, and what sort of problems were encountered?

Source: Systemd programming, 30 months later [LWN.net]