Google Recaptcha issues

I’ve noticed recently I am constantly being asked to solve Google Recaptchas when using Firefox and when logged into Google (which you would think would decrease this).

So I’ve started using google container which has the additional advantage of restricting google’s tracking.

Two issues:

  • You can’t go back to your google search results, so I installed Open in new tab extension and added google search domains.
  • You can’t use your google login for 3rd party sites.

Auto-insert snippet for python emacs

A small skeleton you can put into your python emacs editing session:

Rooting your Gemini PDA

I recently got a Gemini PDA (WiFi). To run rooted Android and Linux (dual boot) I did the following:

  1. Followed the details here.
  2. Downloaded & unzipped Windows Flashing Tool
  3. Downloaded & installed Windows Drivers
  4. Chose my Partition setup here then downloaded
    1. Scatter File
    2. Base Firmware (ie Android)
    3. Linux Firmware
  5. Unzipped both firmwares into a dir & put scatter file in there
  6. Connected Gemini powered off
  7. Started flashing tool, selected scatter file (following this guide)
  8. Chose “Firmware Upgrade” & “Download”
  9. Powered Gemini on
  10. Waited. First you get a fast red progress bar (partitioning?). Then you get two slow yellow progress bars (presumably installing each OS). In total the process took 35-45 minutes.
  11. Powered on Gemini into Android (my default). To get “proper” root I installed Magisk Manager from here.

Note I skipped backing up the NVRAM. You probably shouldn’t do that.

Then post-install I installed Linux Deploy from the play store, Arch Linux under that (into an ext4 partition on my SD card) & termux as a terminal into it.