Moving from Feedly

Got tired of a few shortcomings with Feedly (inability to add feed directly from firefox or to have private RSS feeds), so have migrated to a self-hosted tt-rss install.


  • VPS from Host-US ($15 / year) running Centos 7
  • tt-rss installation
  • tt-rss feedly plugin (some 3rd party apps supporting syncing to this)
  • tt-rss app for android
  • tt-rss feedly (dark) theme

Installation isn’t straightforward for the novice: it’s an nginx (LetsEncrypt cert) / php (7.3 from remi running as fpm) / postgres stack with a cronjob to update the feeds. I also wrote a job to backup & archive the postgres DB off-site.

Clients: Tiny Tiny RSS for Android (Palabre also supports tt-rss via a plugin, but not very well it seems), Newsboat for CLI & Fiery Feeds for IOS which is almost as good as Mr. Reader (RIP).


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