Arch Linux on aarch64 gpg keys

If you have an issue with gpg verification of packages the instructions are slightly different to recover as the signing keys are different:

This is if you get errors like:

GrafX2 – Deluxe Paint for Linux

GrafX2 is a bitmap paint program inspired by the Amiga programs ​Deluxe Paint and Brilliance. Specialized in 256-color drawing, it includes a very large number of tools and effects that make it particularly suitable for pixel art, game graphics, and generally any detailed graphics painted with a mouse.

Build emacs 25 rpm for redhat / centos 7

This is for the console only (no graphical xwindows) version. Installs into /opt/emacs253 so can run side-by-side with system emacs. # Download emacs tarball & untar ./configure –prefix=/opt/emacs253 –with-gif=no –with-tiff=no –with-x-toolkit=no \ –with-xpm=no –with-jpeg=no –with-png=no # install any dependencies & build make make DESTDIR=/tmp/emacs install # Install fpm (gem install fpm) to build package fpm …

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gsconnect – native kdeconnect for gnome is a fantastic implementation of kdeconnect which allows you interface with your android phone from your linux desktop. I had some issues configuring it on Fedora as I was previously using kdeconnectd so gsconnect defaulted to the next available port (1717). To resolve this I removed kdeconnectd (yum remove), uninstalled gsconnect (rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/, …

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Another useful emacs package: crux

Contains various helper functions including crux-duplicate-and-comment-current-line-or-region for when you want to rework a line of code but keep the original. I’ve added these shortcuts: