A great open source tool for measuring website performance Run in one line to get a report for your site: docker run –rm -v "$(pwd)":/ sitespeedio/

Using pfsense / OpenVPN client access and can’t reach your internal LAN?

Remember to create a route from your internal LAN machines to your pfsense / OpenVPN network. ie if internal lan is, pfsense is on & your OpenVPN client lan is, you’d want something like route add -net gw

Fix ARA warnings with mysql

Getting errors like “/root/.virtualenvs/utils35/lib/python3.5/site-packages/pymysql/ Warning: (1300, “Invalid utf8 character string: ‘9C1DCE’”) result = self._query(query)”  when you run an ansible playbook with the ARA plugin? Change the mysql python lib to cymysql ie in $ANSIBLE_CONFIG [ara] database = mysql+cymysql://ara:dbpass@localhost/ara Seems like pymysql has issues with utf-8 & python v3

Getting pam_ssh_agent_auth to work with Ansible

pam_ssh_agent_auth lets you use your ssh keys inside ssh-agent, that you forward in your ssh client connections to subsequently give you passwordless sudo via a destination side list of trusted public keys. This can be used with ansible which often needs root permissions, details below: There is a good (ubuntu specific) guide to setting pam_ssh_agent_auth up …

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