emacs tip of the week #3: ido-switch-buffer

Hopefully you are already using ido or something similar to enhance emacs tab completion. I only use ido-switch-buffer ((ido-mode ‘buffer) in .emacs) as I dislike ido-find-file. What I don’t like is accidentally typing \C-x\C-b for buffer-menu-other-window (or whatever it is) when I meant \C-x b. So I put this in .emacs:


emacs tip of the week #2: elpy

I used to have a very complex .emacs config for python development, then I discovered elpy. It bundles together various python lisp modules cohesively, supports virtual environments, loading “project” files (via elpy-find-file), refactoring, running tests and so on. I’m not even tempted to use PyCharm much any more.  

Emacs vc-mode doesn’t support git push

So here’s a quick function to drop in your ~/.emacs (taken from here):