Getting a lot of spam from .tk domains – kill it with spamassassin

Seems they are cheap to set up, spammers set up domainkeys / SPF too! Here’s a spamassassin rule (don’t use it if you get valid mail from .tk):

UPDATE: Looks like the spammers get a free .tk domain, rent a temporary DigitalOcean box, set up spam relay on it and blast out mail until …

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Steam emails not arriving

I run my own email server and never have any trouble with email delivery – however recently some steam emails failed to arrive. I checked I wasn’t in any blacklists with senderbase, then dug further. Turns out I had SSL enabled on my MTA but using my old cert which was SHA1 & revoked (with …

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VirusAction script for clamsmtp

I’ve recently configured my MTA to drop emails with embedded MS Office Macros (a very popular way of distributing malware). You can get the odd valid macro-enabled Office doc, so I’ve written a script to alert me when emails are dropped, it’s available on GitHub Configure in /etc/clamsmtpd.conf as below:

(other switches available, read …

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Hitting a link in an HTML email in mutt

add macro attach V |’lynx -stdin’\n to .muttrc then when you are in the attachment menu, select the HTML content and hit V. This will launch a lynx process to view the content, follow links, etc. This is on top of having text/html ; lynx -dump -force_html %s ; copiousoutput or similar set in your …

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