Highlight your source code in the console

Your editor supports source code highlighting, so why not the console? Actually it can with source-highlighter via Peter Eisentraut’s Blog: Adding Color to the Console: Code Syntax Highlighting with less and source-highlight.   I’ve just created a shell alias like alias shl="/usr/bin/source-highlight -fesc -oSTDOUT -i " though

Mosh: the mobile shell

The #1 reason you should replace ssh with mosh, if your environment permits: “With Mosh, you can put your laptop to sleep and wake it up later, keeping your connection intact. If your Internet connection drops, Mosh will warn you — but the connection resumes when network service comes back.” via Mosh: the mobile shell.

Conspy – remote control of Linux virtual consoles

Conspy allows a possibly remote user to see what is displayed on a Linux virtual console, and send keystrokes to it. It works with Linux and FreeBSD, as far as I know.It is rather like VNC, but where VNC takes control of a GUI conspy takes control of a text mode virtual console. Unlike VNC, …

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