Getting a lot of spam from .tk domains – kill it with spamassassin

Seems they are cheap to set up, spammers set up domainkeys / SPF too! Here’s a spamassassin rule (don’t use it if you get valid mail from .tk):

UPDATE: Looks like the spammers get a free .tk domain, rent a temporary DigitalOcean box, set up spam relay on it and blast out mail until …

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Scanning your Gmail with SpamAssassin

I’ve noticed more spam emails get into my Gmail INBOX lately, so decided to scan it with SpamAssassin. The Perl commandline script (gmail-spamassassin) I wrote to do this can be downloaded from GitHub. I also subclassed Net::IMAP::Simple to support Gmail’s IMAP extensions, so you’ll need from the repository too. I intend to release Net::IMAP::Simple::Gmail …

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