Command Line tools

Here are the tools I use to live my  life on the command line:


Client: Mutt
Filtering: procmail, imapfilter
Search: mairix

General Web

Client: Lynx, Links, Elinks, w3m
Tools: wget, aria2c, curl

Web Services

Toodledoo: toodledo (ruby gem)
Misc search engines: Surfraw
Google Calendar: gagenda
Ebay: esniper
BBC Iplayer: get_iplayer
Google Drive: gdrive
Google Mail: mutt (via IMAP)
StackExchange: sx.el (via Emacs)

Social Media

Twitter: Rainbowstream
Facebook: fbstream (RIP)
Hackernews: hackernews (via Emacs)
Chat: centerim


Editor: Emacs, Vim
Icinga: icli, qicinga
RSS: Newsbeuter, Feednix
Weather: weatherman

File Viewers

MS Word docx:
MS Word: antiword
PDF: pdftohtml
RTF: unrtf
(all of these can be integrated into mutt via ~/.mailcap)

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